Calda Clinic

Marketing materials, Brochures

The CALDA Clinic, a top-tier facility in Switzerland, specializes in exclusive rehab services for VIPs. Our team revamped their marketing to better reflect their values and boost their brand.

We tailored marketing materials to cater specifically to their elite clientele. Each piece perfectly embodies the CALDA Clinic’s mission.

Moreover, through careful planning and creative execution, we strategically developed content and imagery to inspire trust and confidence among their clients. The result is a compelling collection of marketing materials that not only showcases the CALDA Clinic’s expertise but also provides reassurance to their valued clientele.

Calda Clinic Logo
Calda Clinic Colors and typography
Calda brochure design
Calda Clinic Visual Elements
calda clinic final brochure

Branding solutions for health centers

We understand how important branding is for health centers in a competitive market. We create customized solutions to connect with the right people and make our clients’ centers more visible. Our team mixes creativity with industry knowledge to make branding plans that catch people’s attention and make them feel confident.

We make sure to match our strategies with each center’s unique qualities and goals. This helps them succeed in the long run and stand out from the competition. We’re experts at making special logos, attractive signs, and targeted ads online. Our aim is to help health centers get noticed and reach their branding goals easily.