Cherry & Berry

Branding, Logo design, Illustrations, Packaging

Cherry & Berry offers a tantalizing range of 100% Organic juices featuring cherry, sour cherry, aronia, and elderberry. Our production process is meticulously crafted, employing sophisticated cold pressing techniques to extract the highest quality juice. Each batch undergoes gentle pasteurization, ensuring the preservation of all the natural flavors and beneficial qualities of the fruit. With absolutely no added sugar, colorants, or stabilizers, our products epitomize purity and healthfulness, often hailed as superfoods.

Our branding reflects simplicity and cheerfulness, mirroring the essence of our delicious juices. Moreover, we’ve curated custom illustrations tailored to each fruit, adding a delightful touch to our packaging. Embracing sustainability, we’ve opted for premium, eco-friendly bottles for our products, aligning with our commitment to both quality and environmental responsibility. Experience the unparalleled freshness and goodness of Cherry & Berry, where every sip embodies nature’s finest offerings.

Cherry & Berry Branding
Magicflow Studio | Cherry & Berry Branding illustration
Magicflow Studio | Cherry & Berry Bottle Label design
Magicflow Studio | Cherry & Berry Branding Logo Design
Magicflow Studio | Cherry & Berry Box design

Branding solutions for the food industry

Indeed, branding is very important in the food industry, especially for companies making real food and sustainable packaging. Therefore, it’s like the face of the company, showing what they believe in and how good their stuff is to customers. In a big market with lots of choices, good branding makes a company stand out and makes people trust them more.

It makes people feel certain ways and helps them decide what to buy. For companies that care about real food and being eco-friendly, branding helps show that they’re serious about healthy, eco-friendly stuff. It helps them connect with people who care about the same things, like being genuine, having good quality, and helping the environment. This builds strong relationships with customers and helps the company grow.