Cherry & Berry

Branding, Logo design, Illustrations, Packaging

The product line consists of 100% Organic juices of cherry, sour cherry, aronia and elderberry. The production involves a sophisticated process of cold pressing to obtain high quality juice, which passes only through gentle pasteurisation and preservation of all the taste and useful qualities of the fruit. There is no added sugar, colorants and stabilisers. The product is of extremely high quality and is often categorised as superfood. We created the branding to be simple and cheerful and created custom illustrations that are specific to for each fruit. For the packaging we chose the use of sustainable high-quality bottles.

Cherry & Berry Branding
Magicflow Studio | Cherry & Berry Branding illustration
Magicflow Studio | Cherry & Berry Bottle Label design
Magicflow Studio | Cherry & Berry Branding Logo Design
Magicflow Studio | Cherry & Berry Box design