INSEAD Alumni Association

Marketing materials

We partnered with the INSEAD Alumni Association to boost awareness of the value of their alumni network among students and graduates. Our focus was on simplifying communication, setting clear guidelines, and enhancing their social media presence.

We handled all social media marketing materials for the campaign, including graphics, copywriting, and scheduling. By streamlining communication and defining guidelines, we aimed to reinforce the INSEAD brand and engage alumni effectively.

Through our efforts, we successfully amplified awareness and fostered pride in the INSEAD network, driving active engagement among alumni.

Magicflow partnered with the INSEAD Alumni Association to enhance awareness and engagement within their alumni network. By simplifying communication strategies, defining clear guidelines, and refining their social media presence, we successfully amplified the value proposition of the INSEAD network. Our tailored social media marketing materials, including graphics and copywriting, ensured consistent messaging across platforms. Through our collaborative efforts, INSEAD experienced heightened engagement and a strengthened sense of pride among alumni, driving active participation within the community.