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Rebranding and website redesign

ITCE collaborates with companies, identifying and co-developing optimal learning programs and assisting them in leading Agile and ServiceNow transformations. With 25 years in the market, ITCE sought a refreshed brand identity to match their evolving strategy. This rebranding aimed to signify their dedication to staying current and innovative in the dynamic business landscape.

In close collaboration with ITCE’s marketing and business development teams, Magicflow Studio crafted a comprehensive visual brand strategy. This included developing a new architectural framework and detailed UX/UI style guides. The outcome was a cohesive, modern brand identity that seamlessly aligned with ITCE’s new strategic direction. This ensured consistency and effectiveness in their communications and user experience.

Main objectives

Our goal was to unify ITCE’s visual identity online. Therefore, we simplified communication for their marketing team. Meanwhile, maintaining the brand’s colors and logo, we updated the website with new graphics and colors. Hence, making it more user-friendly and improved its overall appearance.

We crafted graphical brand elements and patterns inspired by colorful and vibrant sticky notes commonly used in Agile methodologies. These dynamic design elements were versatile and could be employed in various creative ways, enhancing the visual storytelling and bolstering brand recognition.

We embarked on a comprehensive website redesign project for ITCE, implementing a completely revamped navigation system and architecture to significantly enhance the user experience. Collaboration with the ITCE team was integral in identifying their content goals, allowing us to meticulously curate graphical elements, photography, and an overarching style that aligned with their vision.

A pivotal aspect of this transformation involved crafting a fully customized theme and user interface (UI) style guide tailored specifically for ITCE. This style guide not only reflected their brand identity but also ensured ease of implementation. The result was a website that not only looked visually appealing but also functioned seamlessly, vastly improving ITCE’s online presence and overall user engagement.

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