UX/UI design, web design, custom illustrations, custom icons

Sagedata offers a cloud-based Business Intelligence platform, serving data-driven businesses globally with its powerful and flexible data management tools. Their BI tools enable businesses to capture, blend, and analyze data for actionable insights.

We designed the UX/UI for their corporate website, maintaining their existing branding while adapting it to the site’s new look. Our focus was on creating a modern website that visually explained the platform’s main tools and benefits.

To achieve this, we crafted fully customized icons, illustrations, and graphics, ensuring a clear and engaging user experience. Additionally, we optimized the website for ease of navigation and accessibility, enhancing user engagement and understanding.

Branding solutions for technology companies

Recognizing the importance of branding in the competitive tech industry, we provide tailored solutions to help our clients’ stand out. Our team blends creativity with expertise to create captivating branding that builds trust with customers.

By aligning our strategies with each tech company’s unique goals, we ensure our efforts lead to long-term success and differentiation. Whether designing a logo, creating eye-catching signage, or running targeted digital marketing campaigns, our goal is to help tech companies achieve their branding objectives effectively.