Logo design, Branding, UX/UI design

Smartcare is the leading enterprise-level business automation solution for home healthcare. Smartcare uses technology to organize, optimize, and drive homecare best practice processes for providing healthcare within the home while saving time and improving profitability and client/patient outcome.

Developed within successful home care agencies, the Smartcare API’s provide interoperability to third-party systems to improve care-at-home.

We helped them rethink their branding and created their new visual identity.

Key words


Main objectives

We posed crucial queries to ascertain the company’s primary goals, delving into the rationale behind their rebranding efforts and desired outcomes. Additionally, we sought insights on their target demographic and the symbolism behind their heart-shaped logo.

The responses provided were succinct and informative. The company aims to position itself as a forward-thinking entity, seamlessly blending healthcare innovation with personalized service and genuine client care.

Using the information they provided, we created a logo that embodied simplicity and cleanliness. Our approach involved refining their original heart shape logo, simplifying it as much as possible while incorporating rounded edges for a softer look. We chose a blue colour that represents the RGB spectrum to evoke a sense of technological advancement and innovation.

Smartcare is an acclaimed home healthcare platform that strongly emphasises its user-friendly app. However, the website is a critical marketing tool for the business. Our primary aim was to ensure the website maintained the same simplicity and clean design as the logo.

During the logo creation process, we realised the necessity of updating the website’s overall look and feel. To achieve this, we worked closely with our clients to define Smartcare Software’s persona and core values.

When developing the graphical elements and selecting images of people, our primary goal was to create a relatable experience for our customers. We aimed to include individuals from diverse backgrounds, races, and genders, catering to all groups who would find the app valuable and engaging.

To maintain a consistent visual identity, we used a Primary colour palette as the core theme. Additional colours were carefully chosen to complement the website’s clean and peaceful ambience, enhancing the visual appeal of images, infographics, and tables. All these elements were seamlessly integrated into a unified structure.

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