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Art Direction, Custom Illustrations, Cover Design

In our project, our aim was to simplify a complex scientific concept visually. Therefore, we transformed the cancer metabolic pathway into an understandable graphical representation. Additionally, Agios Pharmaceuticals sought to illustrate this pathway as an electrical schematic.

Also, each element in the schematic symbolizes a crucial player. Notably, MAT2A enzymatic activity serves as the primary power source, similar to a battery. Moreover, AG270, developed by Agios Pharmaceuticals, acts as a pivotal light switch, regulating this power.

The activation of this switch controls the flow of electricity to PRMT5, resembling a light bulb. PRMT5’s role is crucial for cancer progression, and its suppression with AG270 shows promise for patients.

Our goal was to highlight the significance of PRMT5 inhibition as an innovative cancer treatment.

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The Problem

At a critical juncture in their journey to share groundbreaking research in Cancer Cell magazine, Agios, renowned in biotechnology, sought Magicflow Studio’s expertise. Recognizing the importance of a visually compelling cover, Agios entrusted us with crafting designs to convey their findings effectively. Leveraging our creative direction and custom illustration expertise, we collaborated closely to develop artwork that captivated readers. Through our partnership, we elevated Agios’ publication, ensuring their pioneering work made a lasting impact in the scientific community and beyond.

Process illustrations

The Solution

The solution was to create custom illustrations that effectively distilled the key points of the research into a visual representation that was both scientifically accurate and aesthetically pleasing. Magicflow Studio worked closely with the Agios research team to understand the science behind the findings and then created illustrations that effectively communicated the process and key results.

Art Direction

The Result

The result was an outstanding cover that received high praise from both the scientific community and the general public. The custom illustrations were a critical component of the cover, making the research accessible to a broad audience and increasing its impact. The Cancer Cell cover was just the beginning for Agios and Magicflow Studio; the success of this project led to a long-lasting relationship between the two companies.

This case study demonstrates how Magicflow’s expertise in custom illustration can help biotechnology companies effectively communicate their research to a broad audience. The successful collaboration between Agios and Magicflow Studio highlights the importance of working with experienced partners who understand the science and the design needs of the biotech industry.

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