KPMG Cloud Master Program

Logo design, Branding, UX/UI design

The KPMG Cloud Master Program is exclusively designed for cloud consulting professionals within KPMG. It blends advanced technical proficiency with essential business consulting skills. Crafted in partnership with ITCE, a premier European training institution, and experts in technology, Agile methodologies, and soft skills, this program ensures a comprehensive learning journey.

Upon completion, participants earn the prestigious KPMG Cloud Master certification and a digital badge, enhancing their professional credentials alongside Microsoft certifications. This program underscores KPMG’s commitment to fostering expertise in cloud consulting and empowering professionals to thrive in today’s dynamic business landscape.


Firstly, our team developed branding elements for the KPMG Cloud Master Program. Secondly, this involved creating the logo, crafting branding assets, and designing the user interface and experience (UX/UI) with careful attention to detail. Additionally, each aspect was tailored to ensure a strong and unified identity.

Furthermore, the KPMG Cloud Master Program isn’t just about learning; it’s about fostering expertise and growth. Moreover, it prepares participants to lead in cloud consulting by emphasizing hands-on learning and real-world application. Additionally, this program equips professionals with the confidence and skills needed to navigate the complexities of cloud technology.

In conclusion, discover the opportunities within the KPMG Cloud Master Program—a pathway to unlocking your potential in cloud consulting. Finally, join us on this journey as we redefine possibilities and shape the future of cloud-driven enterprises.

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