Maison Crivelli

Social media marketing, packaging, illustrations

A scent is an ever-changing and enigmatic type of artistic creation.

The elements of a fragrance blend and manifest sequentially, transforming over time, thus bestowing upon the scent a dynamic vitality and personality that excites the senses uniquely.

“Beauty lies in the unexpected”

This belief was the motivation behind the initiation of Maison Crivelli by its innovative founder, Thibaud.

With every creation in the realm of high-end perfumery, Thibaud Crivelli imparts the recollection of an unforeseen and deeply sensory engagement with the elements of fragrance.

We take great pleasure in having been instrumental in helping the Maison Crivelli brand grow in popularity and contributing to the advancement of their marketing endeavors.

Maison crivelli branding

Main objectives

Our primary aims revolved around fortifying the brand’s presence, enhancing the quality of marketing materials, and upholding a sense of coherence and excellence across all design assets. By focusing on these objectives, we strived to establish a robust brand identity, elevate the appeal of marketing materials, and ensure a uniform standard of top-notch design elements throughout. This approach was geared towards fostering a cohesive and impactful brand image while maintaining a high level of quality in every aspect of design.


« Perfume is aliving experience »
Thibaud Crivelli

Thibaud discovered plantations of raw materials used in perfumery, saw his senses continually stirred up, and steeped himself in his surroundings. This exploratory journey was marked by unexpected elements, which have imbued him with an atypical and unusual knowledge of perfume at every level.

Packaging design

When creating the packaging design for Hibiscus Mahajad perfume, it was important to follow the brand guidelines while also incorporating new elements. We needed to design a box that would fit into a 50 ml bottle, which required a new size. Our main focus was on balancing a new, darker color for the box while still keeping it consistent with the brand’s overall look and feel. This was a delicate process, as we wanted the darker color to stand out but also fit in with the brand’s identity. We carefully chose a dark grey color that perfectly complemented the perfume’s new, more intense essence.

Social media campaigns

As part of our partnership with Maison Crivelli, we are tasked with developing tailor-made social media banners and animations to boost their advertising campaigns.

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