Logo design, Branding, UX/UI design

Twazn is an upcoming automated investment platform that offers its clients a highly personalized and diversified range of investment portfolios at low cost.

For the first time ever in the MENA region, clients can either invest in a basic range of fully automated portfolios totally and perpetually free of charge (ZERO management fee, ZERO commission), or alternatively unlock powerful tools through the platform to fully customize their own portfolios to suit their own financial objectives.

We created the visual identity and product design for twazn’s initial beta version of the platform.

Key words






Growing capital

Main objectives

Our primary goal was to establish a compelling brand identity for Twazn, mindful of the name’s Arabic origin, which signifies “equilibrium.” We aimed to encapsulate this essence of balance within a modern and innovative brand concept. Through our branding efforts, we sought to convey Twazn’s commitment to offering a cutting-edge automated investment platform that harmonizes individual financial goals with diversified portfolios, embodying the equilibrium at the core of its name.

In the branding process, we initially explored the name “Tawazun Capital” and its associated logo. However, we recognized the importance of user preferences and conducted a comprehensive survey to determine the most resonant and effective branding. The results of this survey indicated a strong preference for a shorter name, “Twazn,” which resonated more with our audience.

Moreover, we decided to retain the symbolic arrows within the logo. The upward-pointing arrows in the logo signify our core value proposition – with Twazn, your investments are poised to rise over time. This visual element serves as a powerful representation of the platform’s commitment to helping clients achieve their financial goals

To create Twazn’s visual identity, we opted for clean, modern typography for clarity. We chose primary colors like blue for trust and reliability, with secondary colors to complement. Brand guidelines ensure consistency, and user experience influenced our choices. Competitive analysis and user feedback were integral to the process, resulting in a visually appealing and trustworthy brand.

We seamlessly integrated the branding into the product design of the investment platform, ensuring a cohesive and user-friendly experience.

This included developing a comprehensive style guide that outlined the usage of typography, colors, logos, and other visual elements.

Every UI component, from buttons and forms to navigation bars and icons, adhered to the established style guide, reinforcing the brand’s identity and enhancing user experience. Special attention was given to button design, icons, and overall UI flow to maintain consistency.

Additionally, accessibility and responsiveness were key considerations, and user testing provided valuable feedback for refinements and improvements, all while maintaining brand consistency.

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