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FPOV is a creative, innovative lighting, audio-visual, and content design studio. They utilise their collective skills and experience to create environments that engage and emotionally connect with people.

Their backgrounds in architecture, interior design, theatre design, product design, sound production, and composition enable them to deliver world-class solutions in real or virtual environments.

FPOV logo

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Main objectives

We created a new design system for their website and redesigned their existing logo. We considered their values, cultural ethics, and work processes as we crafted the logo.

They needed a fresh, modern, and playful style that would highlight the emotions they bring out in each client. We integrated these elements into the logo design to capture the essence of their brand and the distinct experiences they provide to their customers.

The core of their designs revolves around three fundamental elements: motion, light, and sound, each carefully crafted to evoke emotion.

These elements served as the basis of their visual storytelling. Guided by this vision, we assisted them in showcasing their remarkable ability to create meaningful design concepts.

FPOV branding smile graphical element

In crafting FPOV’s logo, we meticulously infused its core values to reflect the brand’s emotional depth through a sleek and practical design. FPOV aimed to retain its recognized abbreviation while infusing a contemporary and playful element yet preserving its professional demeanour. With a global footprint and a dedicated team of over 40 experts, FPOV continuously strives to deliver unparalleled experiences to their clients.

To embody this ethos, we introduced a symbol named “Smile,” which encapsulates emotion, motion, light, and sound—critical elements of FPOV’s identity.

This fusion of creativity and purpose enabled us to develop a logo that highlights FPOV’s emotive qualities and underscores their dedication to excellence across the globe.

To elevate FPOV’s brand identity and set it apart, we meticulously developed unique brand elements, colour schemes, and typography. Our initial step was designing a distinctive logo encapsulating the company’s mission and values. Choosing a colour palette that reflects FPOV’s personality and resonates with their industry was crucial for differentiation.

We also selected typography that complements the brand’s character, ensuring uniformity across all materials. Together, these elements create a cohesive and memorable visual identity that distinctly positions FPOV above its competitors and makes a lasting impact on its audience.

The graphical elements we’ve meticulously crafted serve as the cornerstone of FPOV’s visual identity, lending the brand a distinctive and cohesive look. These elements are seamlessly integrated into our corporate templates and marketing materials, creating a unified and instantly recognizable brand image.

For instance, the logo acts as the anchor, reinforcing brand recognition across all materials. The carefully chosen color palette not only enhances aesthetics but also conveys FPOV’s personality consistently. Typography, with its distinct style and uniform application, reinforces brand consistency and readability. Altogether, these graphic elements work in harmony to establish a unique and memorable visual identity, setting FPOV apart and leaving a lasting impression on its target audience across various communication channels.

We significantly improved the UX/UI design of FPOV’s website by enhancing navigation, content presentation, and branding. We streamlined the navigation, making it more intuitive and user-friendly. The content was refined to be concise, engaging, and audience-focused, ensuring a better experience for visitors.

The website’s design was responsive, catering to various devices, and FPOV’s new branding elements were integrated seamlessly, modernizing the look while maintaining brand consistency. We also optimized the portfolio presentation, allowing potential clients to assess FPOV’s capabilities easily.

Clear calls to action were strategically placed, guiding users toward desired actions, and performance optimization ensured quick loading times. The result is a visually appealing, user-friendly website that effectively showcases FPOV’s portfolio and services, delivering a seamless and enjoyable user experience.



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